Equine Insurance & Safety Group Programs

Buying groups, cooperatives, and stores with bulk items from feed to saddles have proven to be sensible ways of saving money.  Now America’s equine industry is realizing that liability insurance programs can also be purchased more economically with a national affiliation.
The American Equestrian Alliance was established in 1989 the  to promote equestrian activities, support equine legislation, distribute educational literature and operate as an insurance safety group for it’s membership.  AEA sponsored insurance programs have consistently offered the highest quality coverage at affordable rates due to our history of safety and profitability with insurance companies.

In 2003, the American Equestrian Alliance affiliated with the American Recreation & Entertainment Alliance giving it’s combined membership additional influence in legislative and purchasing power.

In recent years, the number of  insurance companies offering affordable, high quality coverage to commercial equestrian providers had been reduced to a mere handful.  Many factors contributed to these difficult market conditions but the most obvious were the huge catastrophic losses experienced by insurers no longer in the marketplace.  The current permissive legal environment, poor management practices, inexperienced underwriters, ineffective safety guidelines and undercapitalized insurers have also been responsible for the a more difficult and expensive marketplace.

AEA insurance programs, safety guidelines and membership criteria are established by it’s board and members… not exclusively insurance companies.  Our programs have succeeded where so many others have failed because they represent reasonable and safe industry standards.  As a member of the American Equestrian Alliance you agree to adhere to common sanctioning guidelines and use approved releases.  Your reward is a stable, affordable insurance programs underwritten by the leading equine insurance providers in the United States.

Insurance programs underwritten by:


Our innovative insurance programs are used by thousands of horse owners and equestrian facilities throughout the United States.

The Equestrian Insurance Group is one of the leading providers of horse related insurance in the United States.  We are based in Phoenix, Arizona with offices in Del Mar, CA,  Denver, CO. and broker representatives throughout the United States.  We offer insurance products and risk management services for virtually every segment of the equestrian community.  Our policies cover horses, owners, trainers, riding instructors, riding clubs,  equestrian facilities and special events.  The Equestrian Group is recognized internationally for it’s unique policies and programs because all of our insurance professionals are personally involved with horses and their owners.